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Hello All,

So I have decided to talk about my journey in trying to transition to the modeling and fashion world. One reason is because I am ready to work for myself. Don’t you get tired of going to a 9-5 and working for someone else. Its like the same routine everyday, sitting in a cubicle and looking at the clock thinking when is it time to go. If I can’t wake up happy to go to my job then that is a MAJOR PROBLEM. I’ve just gotten to a point to where I know my worth and I as long as I work for Corporate America I’ll always have someone telling me what I am worth.

So with that being said I decided to try my hand at what I love to do without getting paid. I love fashion! Anything and everything that comes with it. Going against the grain and showing your true REBEL side in whatever you do in the fashion world. I always wanted to be different. I never liked to follow the crowd. I always wanted to find a way to stand out if I could. I love styling pieces of clothing together and coming up with different wardrobe ideas. I also want to tap into modeling as well. I love taking pictures of course but it is the excitement of what type of atmosphere you have to work with. The play of color and designs and what you can capture with a camera from angles to expressions.

So now here I am trying to make a name for myself and getting myself out there to be discovered. I have networked with some photographers so that I can be current with my photo shoots. I have some things in the works with a potential opportunity but nothing is set in stone just yet so I am working on it quietly. I also want to network with other bloggers and other models and continue to put myself out there and never give up despite what others think and what their fears are. It will be a bumpy road but I know I have what it takes to be a Plus Size Model and I want to show the world what I am capable of so stay tuned.transition



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