Halloween Recap

Hey All,

So this past weekend has been pretty eventful to say the least but i love celebrating Halloween by doing different activities. This year I finally went to a haunted house! I hadn’t been to a haunted house since high school times but I realized that I wasn’t as scared as I thought I would be. I did scream here and there but it was an awesome time with thrills. I also went to a costume party, which is the best part about Halloween. Dressing up as an alter ego or your favorite character, artist or even an object. There was a lot of celebs out over the weekend celebrating at costume parties whether its for kids or adults, everyone took apart. I think my favorite costumes are the ones where families and couples came up with ideas to stick with a theme together.  The more creative the costume the better chance you have to winning a prize at the party.  If I had kids, I definitely would have been trick o treating with my kids in matching theme outfits

Now that October is over November is here and this is when you pull out those old recipes that was handed down in the family or come up with new traditions on tasty recipes for Thanksgiving.Until then Besos!


Tori the Rebelphotogrid_1478029932512


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