Divided States Of America

Hey All,


I have been on a hiatus from being sick and also not very happy on how the election ended. I am going to miss the POTUS and FLOTUS when they say their official farewells in January but the fact that a person by the name of Donald Trump who is known for his negative verbage and his reality show antics is going to be at such a higher political power just amazes me and has shown us as a society that you can be anything you want to be with no experience. This should be across the board. America has shown me that I can be a Doctor if I want and not have my PhD basically.  I just cannot believe this fool has gotten away with this and I am sure he will be impeached if he keeps up with these antics. Not only did it show me that I can be whomever I want but it shows me how racist people in America are. I knew racism existed but it always seemed like others were blind to the fact that racism didn’t exist. I guess you wouldn’t think that if you was never a target of racism. I have never had a hate crime done towards me but I have been called out of my name on two occasions and that didn’t sit well with me. I don’t think racism will ever disappear and the fact that Trump has opened up a can of worms to have people think it is OK to display acts of hate crimes boggles my mind. Now there are so many hate crimes happening in the world and it sickens me. I hope a change will come one day for the USA but until then i can only focus on me and take it one day at a time and say that Trump is NOT my president!


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  1. This really worries me!!! America is curse and until they do right by all the people they have damage it will never be right. They almost wiped out an entire race!!! (American Native Indians) and this is their land!!! If you know history you know the truth. Everything about America is a lie and they do and speak it all in the name of God!!! Just because you are not hanging and whipping people anymore does not mean we are in a place of unity, love, equality and peace!!! After Trump is done trust they will put qualifications in place! lol But i feel we will all survive because we now know our rights! This is a time where black people need to stop settling, and I know that all people are not for this foolery. We will all have to unite for this revolution!! Great post!


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