Kanye’s Outbursts

I have to touch base on this because when it comes to the black community and even with our black men and how they tend to bash seeking help when it comes to depression. I have never lost a immediate family member and I never want to have to go through that but I know that no one lives forever.  I can’t imagine what my mental state would be if I lost someone very close to me I don’t want to experience nothing like that anytime soon. I don’t think I would even be stable enough to function. Kanye has went through a lot before and after his mom passed away but if you haven’t been in his shoes then you don’t know the pain that he feels and the negative thoughts that goes through his mind and questioning why does he act out of character or has outburst the way he does. Yes sometimes its funny but sometimes I feel bad for him because he changed once his mother passed away. I think that everyone handles things differently so there is no reason to talk bad about Kanye or anyone else that may be going through depression. Depression is very hard to deal with and just imagine still feeling alone even though there are so many people around you. More people care about their physically state than their mental state. People may have too much pride and doesn’t want to seek the help  to get them back on track. In the end it can only help you. Counseling, Therapy or Meditation can all be beneficial to keep you motivated and get you out of that funk.  I do hope Kanye comes out on top and I hope this is a wake up call to him and the Kardashians that he needs to be treated for whatever he is going through. It sucks that he is linked up to that family because trouble follows them everywhere they go but I guess that is the price for FAME……


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