Movie Review on “13TH”

Hey All,

So I was turned on to a movie called “13TH”. If you don’t know what that is, its a documentary on Slavery, Jim Crow, Criminalization, and links in a chain of racial inequality, forged by political and economic motives. This movie actually came out last month but it was an eye opener for me. I never really put 2/2 together when people would say that the justice system wasn’t made for us and how its made to bring African Americans down. With this movie, it goes from what went on during slavery to after freeing slaves, making laws to set them up to fail. To put African Americans in situations so that they would be locked up like animals or killed to basically get rid of the culture since they couldn’t be used as slaves. As I watch this and ponder on events that take place in this day and age, everything started making sense. I just thought that black people was just being targeted because they was black but I didn’t look at the overall picture on how it was so many ridiculous laws out there to set the black person up for failure. There is more black people in poverty than any race and that came from drugs being put in the black communities and being a way to either send people to jail for selling or for doing drugs. Black people turning against each out and being divided. No jobs in the community, letting the community fail and not have the best of anything in that community. When I watched it I was so pissed off by it all. Granted we as African Americans have came a long way; but it still isn’t over because now police brutality is at an all time high. Any way to get rid of the black community especially the black men was being done and still is. I encourage people to go watch this documentary on Netflix and educate yourselves and open your eyes to what they are trying to accomplish with us and what the end result could lead too. Don’t be ignorant and think that you are untouchable because any race can be effected by this. Please educate yourself instead of waiting around for someone else to tell you.  It is bad enough that Trump is the next president but “Make America Great Again” has a totally different meaning to me now that I have watched this.


Until Next Time …. Besos


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