Friend or Foe

Hey All,

So I decided to voice my opinion about true friendship and finding good friends. Good friends are very hard to find and keep. This year for me I have lost friends that I have been cool with for years just because we didn’t see eye to eye on things or a miscommunication issue. When you throw away years of friendship I feel like you didn’t care in the first place to save it or didn’t value it. I think that I am a genuine friend. I am loyal, I have my friends back even if they are wrong and I am upfront and honest on how I feel. People have to keep in mind that it takes two people to make a relationship work. Whether it’s a platonic relationship or even in dating. Nowadays, it seems like if you are no value to them then the relationship doesn’t matter. It seems like people have motives now and what can they get out of the situation. One thing I cannot deal with is a selfish person or an inconsiderate person. If you have issues with someone direct it to them not go around and play the victim and tell people what someone did to you and not take fault for anything. First thing is admitting what you did and talking like adults and not prolong your issues and make the situation worse. I feel like also things happen for a reason and certain people aren’t meant to be in your life forever. 2016 has been a crazy year for everyone and when crazy things happen, eventually something good will come out of it all. For me I know that 2017 will be a better year for me. I also know that those who was there for me at the beginning of this journey are my true friends and those that wasn’t a good friend, I hope they don’t come around when I’m at the top of my game because there will nothing to talk about … more than likely you have a motive to even contact me once I’m in the limelight (you have to speak things into existence LOL). I am at a point now where I plan to be around more like minded people and those that has the same goals that I have or be into blogging and fashion which will be a great way to network as well. If you haven’t heard of a website called MeetUp ,it’s a great way to go to networking events in your city. Whatever you are interested in doing you can meet other likeminded people who like the same hobbies and you can mingle with them. That is something I definitely plan to do and step outside of my comfort zone because that is the only way I will meet people and get noticed more.

Until next time…..Be Great!


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