Dating in 2016

Hey All,

So this thought crosses my mind every time I speak to other women about the dating scene in Atlanta as well as overall and I get the same responses and give the same responses about men and their way of dating. I have been single for a while now and I look at my reasons for being so. One main reason that I hear from men is how they don’t have time and they are focused on a goal or their career. I think it is the lamest excuse a man can give just because they ultimately don’t either like you like that or they aren’t where they need to be financially. If you look at the picture I have of Kevin Hart (comedian/actor) and Ryan Reynolds (actor); then you will see that maintaining a personal relationship and family is doable. These aren’t retired actors, these are men who has just a busy job as the average man. They travel, they have very busy schedules but have women who understand the hustle and are willing to be there by their side and try to be patient throughout all of it. Just because men have a girlfriend or a wife or kids doesn’t mean that they can’t focus on their goals or succeed in life. Your goals don’t stop because of it. You have to have a good foundation and support system for this to work. Seems like men portray it to where they can’t have healthy lifestyle balances. It is sad that the dating scene isn’t the way it use to be and because of that I have been focused on me and my brand but if I run into the right guy I will make that time if he is worth it. ……


Until then Besos



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