New Year New Me

Hey All,

I woke up feeling happy the last two days which has been Awwweeesome. No hangovers, no thoughts of negative just a bunch of positive thoughts and ideas for the new year. So for New Years Eve, I went to a house party and it was a nice time. Got to spend it with my friends and there was no issues and everything happened the way it was supposed too. I spent it the way i really wanted too. It was a rough 2016 for everyone from deaths to crime to political issues. With that being said 2017 is going to make up for 2016 and I’m claiming that. Have you thought about your New Years Resolution? Well I decided that mines will be to be more active on my blogs as well as networking more to get myself out there even more in the fashion world. I am excited to see what God has in store for me this year and I will pay more attention to the signs in situations that are in my life. I also want to upgrade anything and everything that is in my life currently and if I can add on great things in my life then I welcome it. So I think everyone should analyze what is happening in your life and how you can make it better for you and seek what you desire ultimately.


Until next time …



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