Be Who you was Born to Be…

Hey All,

Lately I’ve been really focused on trying to accomplish my goals and face my fears. My goals this year have been to travel more and experience things that I always say I want to do but don’t because I’m always waiting on someone to be on board with a vacation or going to events in the city. It has held me back so much to where you would think I was married with kids and settled down LOL!

I have spoken to other people to hear about their goals and fear and what may hold them back from accomplishing them. Surprisingly I have met others that have the same issues that I have. Going out alone or waiting around for someone else to come with. The issue is you are cheating yourself out of living your life based on your own fear. You are the one from holding yourself back.

Sometimes you have to surround yourself with people who have the same ideas as you and same goals and ambitions. Even if they have more drive then you; it is the best way to motivate yourself to keep going. I have a mentor I talk to that motivates me and helps me look at things in a different way. She helped me out a lot to get to where I am trying to go right now.  Not everyone is supportive or want to see you win and want the best for you. Some may not even care but you are doing this for you and how you want to live your life in the future.

We all know life is precious and waaaay too short to keep watching people pass you by but your still on idle and years go by and you are still trying to figure it out. Once you break the chain and jump (outside the box 🙂 ) you will then realize what you have been missing this whole time and  start living… YOUR …LIFE….


Until Next Time





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