Women Rock!

Hey All,


So today I am celebrating A #DaywithoutAWoman and I am currently wearing my red. Unfortunately I had to work today but doesn’t mean I won’t partake. My feelings on the topic is that I think I think men in this world take women for granted. I think that all we are good for to them is cooking and having sex. I go by that because of how the dating scene is and if they appreciated a woman more then they wouldn’t treat women they way they do  (when a man finds his wife he finds his home). There are also a lot of sexist men out there as if we as women can’t be great and do great things. They want to take away our rights as well as a voice but we have to take care of ourselves in this world. Not all of us have men that will support us so we have to be strong and make it in this world by ourselves. I am a strong woman and I do everything on my own with no help from anyone. I have a strong personality as well and that helps a lot in dealing with men who try to get over on me.  Therefore I will not purchase anything or do anything for any man today (LOL)!


Good Luck with that Men!


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