“Corporate” another word for “Slavery”

Hey All,So this topic has been on my mind for awhile; I wasn’t sure how to talk about it because not everyone plans to be a business owner in the future. I’m talking about the ones that are content at working for Corporate America. Corporate is the new generation slavery and if you don’t see that I feel bad for you. I hate the feeling of someone telling me what to do and how to do it and try to micro manage you. I like to move to the beat of my own drum and to work in a corporate environment isn’t anything I would want to deal with for the rest of my life. From discrimination to racism being around those who look down on you because you may not make the money they make or have letters behind your name doesn’t mean that anyone who does have that is better then you. If your not at the top your not really making money so I advice people to wake up and take the steps to eventually become successful in whatever you chose to do. Something to think about.

And go watch the movie,”Get Out” and thank me later đŸ™‚







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