Rap Beef Cookin


Hey All,


So what’s up with this rap beef going on in the world this year in 2017? I’ve been sitting back and watching everything that’s going on and it’s crazy cuz it’s never been this many people beefing with each other in the rap game. The beef with Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj I was really shocked about it because I know there’s been beef but I just didn’t think that anybody would say anything, which Remy Ma bodied Nicki! As far as Drake goes I’m a FAN of Drake I really really really like him so I was all for Drake when he battled Meek Mill (which he is wack). DRAKE STAYS WINNING! Now the most newest beef is with Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar although I like both I am team Kendrick Lamar all the way real!  The beef with Rick Ross  and Birdman; Birdman deserve that  Rick Ross did a good job he kept it all the way real. Birdman needs to pay up (lol)! !  I’m ready to see the next Big Beef!

Until Next Time,


Tori Rebel


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