Body Shaming 

Hey All, 

Yes it’s been a while… being consistent on here can be hard when you have other things going on but i wanted to talk about how all these critics are attacking my Baby Gal RiRi.

She’s known for already being slim thick but these people are calling her fat! Where????? She can’t wear oversized clothes?

One particular sports writer Chris Spagnuolo  from Barstool Sports had the nerve to say,” Is Rihanna going to make being fat the hot new trend?” 

He stated she was wearing a sumo suit and saying she is pushing 180lbs???? 
Sir your an idiot just like your president just because she is a little puffy in the face and not wearing tight clothes she’s fat.  
Guess I’m a Navy but i know how it feels when people say you’re pretty for a big girl.. Bitch I Slay … there are skinny females that aren’t as cute as me.  I wouldn’t want to be skinny anyway..
Rihanna is still gorgeous and that will never change. 
Anyway stay tuned i have a couple more photo shoots coming up…Plus Size Slay!!!



  1. He is stupid! It makes me so sick. Everyone is into fake beauty! Let’s keep t real we all have flaws, but Rhianna has fat nowhere! She is always fabulous and on point with her style. And if she was 180 she still will look fabulous!

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