Charlottesville Heat

I’m soooo sick of the same people that continue to say that there isn’t any racism in this world. Every time something happens in a hick town city or country Republican place all I hear is,” racism doesn’t exist” or “White lives matter”. Fuck all the lies!!!! They know exactly what they are doing as well as Trump. You’re smart enough to get to where you are at but dumb enough to think that we don’t see it. Now all these white supremacists, KKK’s and Nazi’s that are coming out of the shadows (as they did in Charlottesville) wanting to take back what’s theirs and these aren’t old people either. These are young people that are even in college at this rally that happened on Saturday. When I was younger I use to think that eventually all the older people that are racist would eventually pass away and there wouldn’t be any more racist people! LOL

But NOPE! Lo and Behold all these young people with the same mind frame. These can be the same people that you work with in CORPORATE AMERICA or people you pass on a regular day. It is sad and I absolutely am not for anyone downing me or making me feel less as a person all based on skin color. Even if you are a COP or RICH or SMART as long as you have the skin color of any other race than them then you are nothing. JayZ said it best (4:44)!

At the end all be all do what you can for yourself. Don’t wait around for someone to do something for you. Educate yourselves because they want us to fail. It is tough for African Americans in this world and if you aren’t trying to build your own foundation and work for yourself then you will be ate up in this world and lose your identity. They don’t want to see you excelling and doing well for yourself.


Just my thoughts………



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