Fall Fashion 2017!

Hey All,


So the time is here to get into the latest fashion trends for 2017.  I LOOOOVVVEE Fall time! The weather is perfect, the leaves are changing and dwindling away! Now its time to break out those boots and scarves and get into these latest Fall trends!

I remember back in the day when the movie Clueless came out. There were a lot of Fashion forward looks. The scene with the girls walking with the  “Schoolgirl” look was very popular and has now came back in full chic force! You can play it up however and not even look like a school girl… I call it chic girl! (for adults) LOLschool2

Another look that is eye catching for me has been the “PantSuit” look. I never really liked pantsuits or wore them unless it was an interview but now there are so many different trends and ways to wear them especially in popping colors it doesn’t even matter now. You can wear just a bra under it or no bra and color block as seen below


Another trend that will NEVER go away is “Leopard” prints. Im sure we all have a print like this somewhere in your closet! I have a few from shoes to tops to dresses! You can match any color you want with this pattern.


This look I know will be a major trend in October. “Dark Romance”. It’s moody, it’s romantic, it’s a modern-African inspired love affair. Several designers used fabrics heralding back to the hey-day of the exotic Orient to channel a certain flavour of dark romance and foreign glamour!



Next look is the “English Country” trend. This look would be great during the day. Different earth tone and neutral colors could make this look. I personal don’t see myself rocking this look that much but the sweater dress below is cute …LOL





A “Velvet” Affair! Velvet was a trend in 2016 and still is. Velvet looks are cute and comfy to me. They can give a dramatic effect or a simple chic affect. Ive been trying to fill my closet with this cute look. This is similar to styling with Leopard print. It can go with any other material and color.



“Folk Fashion” Not my preference honestly LOL but if you are going for that ancient in the valley look well….. go for it! lol



Last but not least the NEW”AMERICANA” look. Sooooo with Trump in office, this look probably won’t be popular. So rocking the United States flag isn’t something that I want to do and would encourage others not too! ” He ain’t my President!” LOLOLOL



Thanks for checking out my blog! I have more things in store so stay tuned 🙂

Lata Babes!






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