Hey All,

So I’ve been busy getting my money right as well as branding myself and its a lot of work but I know it will pay of in the end. My mind has been focused on so much to where I haven’t really focus on doing more photo shoots sometimes it can be overwhelming and you have to invest so much in yourself but you just have to do it .No one is in gonna hand you a modeling contract as well as put you in the limelight if you’re not even ready or cant even bring anything to the table. YES I am 34 years old but that doesn’t mean that I should give up on something that I’m passionate about which it fashion. I’m just blessed with still looking young (lol). Who says you have to live your life in a boring way who says you have to continue to work a corporate job and who says you have to continue to be miserable in your life. I say to hell with that you do what’s best for you and what makes you happy. Only you can hold yourself back! People are always going to have an opinion and discourage you because it doesn’t work for them but what I’m doing is working for me so if I want to model, act, blog, design then that’s what I will strive for and continue to do.

I’m into my 2nd year with my website and with my branding and I’m gonna be better then the 1st year So stay tune because I have some great things that’s coming ahead!

Below was one of the photo shoot that I did this year which I haven’t posted all of the pictures because I’m still shopping around but I take pride in this shoot because I came up with the whole creative idea I made the jacket as well as the choker And I plan to come out with other pieces that made by make very soon to show and possibly sell. This is just the beginning of REBEL N STYLE !!!!


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